2019 Best Camera for Backpacking You Need To Try

Ricoh GR II backpacking camera

Best Camera for Backpacking – For adventurer, taking a photo in their journey is precious. It keeps beautiful moment in a picture which can be shared and thinking of. If you are that typical people, you must really know that not all types of camera are suitable to bring out. You need to consider several things thus you can carry it out with no misery. It should be friendly-packed as well as assisting you capture every beautiful scenery in a good quality.

Ricoh GR II backpacking camera

Ricoh GR II backpacking camera

So, which camera that comes true for you, backpacker? Here, the best camera for backpacking you need to look at.

Name of Product Price
Sony Alpha A6300 $548.00
Nikon D7200 $679.07
Ricoh GR II $496.95
Sony RX100 IV $739.95
Canon EOS 6D $999.00
Olympus E-M5 Mark II $899.00
Sony A6000 $598.00
Fujifilm X100s $369.00
Canon PowerShot G16 $295.99
Canon Rebel SL1 $319.00

Sony Alpha A6300 probably the most defined camera for backpacking. It owns what backpacker needs to capture the moment. This mirrorless camera is designed elegant in compact shape so you can easily take it into your bag or even your pocket. Its sturdy body makes it resilient and durable. Furthermore, it performs powerfully through larger sensor with 24.2 Megapixels, superb autofocusing, fast light receiving, and superior exposure tracking. All of them turn your shoot look bright, delicate, and limpid.

On the other side, Nikon D7200 stands confidently. It can do a great job to accompany your trip. The size is friendly-packed so you don’t need to leave bigger space in your bag. In addition, this series will also be longer with you due to it has powerful battery life. By 24 megapixels and CMOS sensor, Nikon D7200 captures the images brilliantly. The photo will be looked catchy and smooth. Even in the place of low light, it still works well without resulting noise. Sunset photo will be dramatic when you take it with Nikon D7200.

Another mirrorless camera which is easy to bring is Olympus E-M5 Mark II. It has classic design and relative light. Even so, what it does is really excellent. This kind of Olympus camera can undertake fast autofocusing as well as great image stabilization. The 40 megapixels resolution enhances its performance. Thus, the photo taken with Olympus E-M5 Mark II will be gorgeous and full of color.

Besides Olympus E-M5 Mark II, what else the camera that has classic design? It is a lot but, the one that adequate for backpacking is probably Fujifilm X100s. It is pricey and gorgeous. Its performance is also never disappointed you. It is embedded with 16 megapixels CMOS sensor so beautiful photo can be produced.

Come to the next best camera for backpacking, there is Canon EOS 6D for your choice. It is one of fantastic DSLR camera from canon for supporting every photography enthusiast. It can produce dynamic and crisp picture with its equipment. Look at the use of CMOS sensor which take the advantage whenever you find a poor light place. Also, it has great autofocusing with 11-point autofocus and 100-25600 ISO range. Unfortunately, it is quite heavy so you may feel a little bit uncomfortable especially if you are hiking.

Noticing a camera with unpopular brand is absolutely can you do in case of finding best camera for backpacking. For example, Ricoh GR II. It is affordable and great for taking your moment. It carries fierce image sensor as well as 28-35mm lens so your picture will be impressive. Not only that, it is really portable with the weight of 9.6 ounces only.

Overall, that is all best camera for backpacking that you take into account. Remember that, the right time and place also makes your camera work perfectly.