10 Best Camera for Low Light 2019

Sony Alpha 7S II

Best Camera for Low Light – Photography is all about art. It captures any images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiations. However, the light isn’t always good at all whenever you find good moments to be shoot. It usually occurs when you are in the room of poor light, night scene, or underwater. The photo which must be astonished isn’t captured because the light doesn’t let you own. It is bad! You must find best camera for low light starting from now so each great moment doesn’t leave away anymore.

Sony Alpha 7S II

Sony Alpha 7S II

To deal with a camera that can work well in in the poor light, you generally require a camera with bright lens, ISOs and large sensor. Specifically, ISOs helps you to set the shutter speed when capturing. It can handle low light situation due to its speed can degrade exposure times so the image will be more stabilized whether you are using lens-based image stabilization or sensor-based image stabilization. Unfortunately, not all cameras run comfortably when you make high ISOs. In some cases, the quality of the photo is down because high ISOs results noise. Thus, you should consider camera with good ISOs system.

The reason why you need a camera with large sensor to get at poor light situation is of course because it can capture more light. In this case, the standard size of the sensor is 35mm. For your information, the latest technology of sensor which is recommended to be determined is CMOS sensors. Besides it is perfect to capture in a low light moment as well as useful to reduce noise. Unfortunately, the bad things from full frame camera are it costs a lot of money and relative heavy as well. Hence, it seems like a little bit uncomfortable to be bright anywhere.

If you are really curious with what camera is exactly the best for going through with low light situation, we kindly present you the list of best cameras for low light in the following. We also attach the price of the camera so you can consider whether it is good or not for your finance. Here is the table:

Name of Product Price
Sony Alpha 7S II $1,998.00
Canon 5D Mark IV $2,999.00
Nikon D7500 $1,776.95
Panasonic Lumix GH5S $1,579.99
Panasonic GX8 $997.99
Canon 7D Mark II $1,031.00
Sony A6500 $1,908.00
Nikon D5 $6,496.95
Olympus OM-D E- M5 Mark II $1,250.00
Fujifilm X-Pro 2 $1,699.00

Among all of the list camera above, Sony Alpha 7S II is probably the most recommended for you. It works perfectly in all of conditions with 4K ultra high definition, ISO range 100 to 102,400 and it can be expanded up to 50-409,600. Yet, Sony Alpha 7S II has best successor which performs better color and dynamic range with lower ISO. Therefore, it is helpful to free the noise. Otherwise, Canon 5D Marl IV is also great decision. It seems like this series of Canon is created to help photographers who deal with low light because of its sensor and sensor. Particularly, Canon 5D Mark IV uses sensor 30mp full frame with CMOS sensor and the range of ISO is 50-102400. However, Canon 5D Mark IV is pricey comparing with other cameras.

If you are looking for a camera with affordable price. We suggest you Panasonic GX8. However, you cannot expect so much thing with this one because it only has 20MP sensor with dual image stabilization and ISO range 800.

Overall, before you deciding to buy best camera for low light, you must consider the sensor, ISO, and price as well. Generally, best camera costs more money but it doesn’t always. You need to find a camera store which offers you affordable price.